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My favorite HD resources

Here are some of my favorite resources when it comes to learning more about the Human Design System. As a true 1/3 I tried a lot of them, and after 2,5 years of researching and experimenting with the system I keep coming back to the ones that are on this list. If you are looking to learn more about Human Design yourself, maybe you can find some interesting links below. Obviously there is a lot more great stuff out there, and it is different for everyone who and what appeals to you. As I listed my favorite recourses below I noticed, I mostly like learning from Projectors and I like learning from people who base their teachings on more source based material (or directly from Ra Uru Hu himself). For a little context, I am a 1/3 splenic projector, PRL DLL, need motivation and wanting view with the channel of judgement, the channel of transformation and the channel of perfected form. You can find my design over here. This (including all my life experiences and conditioning) is where I personally filter the information through seen from the point of view of the Human Design System.

The list:

Instagram Accounts

  • @amyruthhd (great content on parenting & HD, also a great Hub you can join for a small price)

  • @sarahleers (dutch)

Youtube Channels:



My favorite lectures:

For more information and lectures from Ra Uru Hu you can check out Jovian Archive. For (audio)courses made by different IHDS teachers you can go here. Richard Beamont also offers multiple courses and lectures from Ra Uru Hu (and himself), you can find them over here. If you are a projector you can ask for a 20% discount if you want to buy lectures or courses from Jovian Archive and IHDS.

All right, that's my list for now. I might add some more resources later if I find they bring some solid information that I keep coming back to from time to time. I really love digging into all this incredibly layered knowledge, explore different perspectives and experiment with it in my day to day life. Enjoy watching your movie today ;).


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