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Experimenting with Plant Design

Recently I started studying Plant Design. A fascinating subject within Human Design that brings profound insights into how all different life forms work and connect together. The healing capacities of plants and their potential role in protecting the openness in our designs. I always have had an affinity with nature, plants and animals, so when I found out about this aspect of Design, I was hooked.

I had so many questions. And except for the two courses from Ra Uru Hu, I couldn't find much more information, or people that were experimenting with Plant Design (yet, if you are or know somebody I would love to get in touch!). So I decided that the only way to find out more was to start my own experiment with the knowledge. So I could grasp a little bit more of how this actually works in real life. To see if it is really possible to help and support people with this knowledge. And to find out if this can provide a way for us to build a more profound relationship to the consciousness of specific plants that are helpful for our personal designs.

The design of a plant

As you can see in the image below, the design matrix of a plant consists of 4 gates, that can make 3 channels which connect to 3 centers. Quite different from the design of Humans, that operate within a matrix of 64 gates, with 36 channels and 9 centers.

This makes most plants reflectors, because the planets define their specific gates only once in a while. Plants have a sacral, spleen and a G-center. These represent the themes of life force/fertility, health/intuition and direction/identity/love. They have gate 34 (the gate of power), 57 (the gate of intuition), 10 (the gate of behaviour) and a hanging 15th gate (the gate of extremes) through which they connect to the rhythms (gate 5) of all other life forms. Together they can form the channels 10-57 - the channel perfected form, 34-57 - the channel of power and 34-10 the channel of exploration.

Connecting with the aura of a plant

According to Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design), connecting to the aura of the plant is enough to receive its (healing) effects. And in connecting to the aura you can create a consciousness exchange between the human and the plant that is potentially beneficial for both. For example, if you have an undefined spleen in your design and you get yourself a plant with cleansing property’s and a defined spleen. You can touch it every day, make sure that the plant is healthy, and there you have a positive living splenic conditioning force in your home that can help your undefined spleen stay more healthy. Protect it from negative conditioning forces from the outside world. What an incredible potential!

Plants and trees have an aura that doesn't radiate far, not like the aura's of humans or animals. So to connect with the aura of a tree or a plant you have to touch it (those tree huggers aren't so crazy after all ;)).

Calculating the design of a plant

Determining the birth time to calculate a plant's design is not very easy. Ra Uru Hu said that he didn't know how to calculate the design side of the plant (in a human design chart the part with the red lines), but the hypothesis is that the personality side of the plant can be calculated if you know when the plant germinates. I used this calculation to try to germinate plants with defined centers, so they bring a realiable lifeforce of their own.

My own experiment

I started to experiment with trying to calculate the design side of the plant. It was quite the challenge and I haven't found a methode yet that is really precise. But luckily for me there was a longer transit defining channel 34-10 the last couple of days. So I had a change for germinating a plant with a defined channel, and a wider timespan to make sure these gates were active while the seeds were germinating. And it worked! Say hello to my Aloe Vera plants with channel 34-10!

Aloe Vera design

Defined channels:

☘ 34-10 - channel of exploration

Defined gates:

☘ 10.1 - gate of behavior - defined by Mars

☘ 34.6 - gate of power - defined by Mercurius

Defined centers:

☘ Sacral & G-center

Healing property’s of the plant Aloe Vera:

☘ Cooling, moistening, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & more.

Some of the things I would like to experiment with:

♥ Seeing if this plant might help empower certain (selfloving) behaviours.

⋙ Seeing if this plant can help people with a split in gate 10 or 34, a undefined or open saral and/or splenic center.

🔥 Seeing if this plant helps ‘cooling down’ the ‘heated ego behaviours’, especially of gate 26 ;).

And now I'm waiting for the plant to develop and grow (and hopefully stay alive;)) so I can continue the experiment. I'll keep you posted if something interesting pops up!


Would you like to start your own research in the world of Plant Design? Then I recommend the following resources: 

- 'The Architecture Of Life' at

- 'The Design of Forms' at


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