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How my investigation into Animal Design helped me select a new pet

A little while ago, my oldest (manifestor) son initiated me into buying us a cat. That turned out to be an adventurous experience with trial & error, new discovery's and finally being able to welcome pets in my house after a childhood filled with a lot of allergies. The search made me stumble upon Animal Design and The Design of Forms. A really incredible aspect of design I never really investigated before.

Trial & error with our shelter cat

After successfully ‘cat sitting’ a lovely cat creature from friends of ours for a couple of months we decided to get our own cat from the shelter. We adopted the one they recommended to us and soon noticed a lot of (aggressive) behavioral issues. Because of the issues we were having with this cat I dove deep into cat behavior, worked with a specialist and also learned more about Animal Design. I couldn't find the birthdate of this cat, but I still used the knowledge to try out new things. After trying a lot of different things we unfortunately had to return the cat to the shelter.

Intergrating some of the (3rd line) lessons

So, with a lot of lessons learned, we continued our search for a new cat. After selecting a specific breed that is known for there social tendency’s and less allergic reactions, I dove deeper into Animal Design with the intention to learn more about how to create a more harmonic and successful situation for both the humans and animals in our home. Step one was investigating some of those 3rd line lessons from our last adventure. For example, the territorial aggression towards the kids and lack of adaptability to our changing schedule. I looked where these ‘qualities’ could be found in the mammal design matrix and identified gate 19, 38 and 5 to be ‘problematic’ in our specific household. Especially for pets like dogs or cats who are near you a lot of the time.

On the lookout for gate 28

The next stop was understanding the impact of our individual designs on animals and visa versa. Mammals have a limited matrix compared to humans. We operate out of a matrix of 64 gates, and mammals have a matrix of 15 gates. It is very interesting to see where you have activations within this matrix. To see what you 'bring' to the mammal, where you possibly resonate with them (seeing the mammal in you ;)) and where they influence you.

For example, my son and I both have gate 38 multiple times activated in our design. And I have a defined root so it’s active all the time. I learned that this gate of the fighter can activate more aggressive behaviors in mammals. So I started to specifically look for animals who have activations in gate 28 to balance that out. Luckily for us there was a long nodal transit in gate 28 around the time we were looking for kittens so we had a lot of choice ;).

Special connections

In listening to the lectures ‘The Architecture Of Life’ and ‘The Design Of Forms’ from Ra Uru Hu I got fascinated with the story Ra told about his son with a open spleen. How his dog functioned as his ‘living spleen’ as they went on a walk together and how animals possibly can ‘protect’ our open centers. 

So I also started to look into our open centers and the connections our potential new pets made to them. I live in a house with my two sons (6 and 9 years old), both non-sacral beings. And they are not always here because I have a co-parenting arrangement with their father. We make some sacral electromagnetic connections here and there, but for all of us the sacral is quite the conditioning force that we take in from the outside. So I really liked the idea of having a healthy sacral conditioning/protection in our home. Next to that I looked at many other things. Below I share some of my ponderings. But first I’ll show you the individual designs of our family. 

My little projector boy

The conditioning forces that impact my youngest the most at the moment are his undefined sacral and his undefined throat. He had physical throat problems since he was a little kid. Also a manifestor big brother in the house has a lot of impact on his undefined throat center .So for him, my focus point was a connection up to the throat. 

Reducing pressure

The conditioning forces that impact my oldest the most at the moment are his undefined sacral and undefined root (and solar plexus, but he can’t get that consistently hooked up through animals in his design). He really can’t sit still and gets overstimulated easily. I noticed animals bring out his soft, peaceful and loving side and have a very calming effect over him. For him, I looked for a root and sacral connection.

Projector problems

In my search for our new cat I forgot to include myself. I only checked out where the ‘problem’ area’s were and if my design effected the animal, not the other way around. Projector problems ;).

And now we decide

In the end, it’s all a fascinating investigation. But when it comes to making a decision tuning back into my body is the way to go. Seeing if there is recognition and an invitation and tuning into my splenic awareness/intuition. So, it’s totally possible that my mind does al the comparing and makes the logical solutions to eliminate my doubts (my unconscious hanging 4th gate ;)), and after that my body makes me move in a totally different ‘unlogical’ direction.

Connecting to my splenic authority definitely is a whole trial and error process on it’s own. After living with no awareness of my design for the first +- 30 years of my life, and still being in the early years of my experiment (since may 2021), there are many layers still to let go off and discover about all that.

But nonetheless, it was very exciting to see how I reacted in the moment I met our potential new pets. And how my sons reacted from their own authority’s. We ended up welcoming two Sphynx cats in our life. We first got our reflector cat Selky. And after a couple of weeks we found her a generator cat friend which we named Kyra. Quite the exception again, because most animals are reflectors. You can see their charts below.

Investigating Animal and Plant Design

This experience opened up a whole new investigation for me. Next to studying Animal Design I started learning more about the healing power of plants. And am in the middle of a experiment to see if I can germinate plants with a defined spleen or sacral to see if and how all of this really works. It’s quite something to look into. Not sure what will come out of all of this, maybe it’s just to enrich my own movie. But nonetheless, thank you my manifestor boy ;), for initiating me into this direction. And if there are people reading this who are also experimenting with Plant and Animal Design, I would love to get in touch!


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